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Simple Steps to Mermaid Waves

Simple Steps to Mermaid Waves

While there are several methods to curl your hair, mermaid waves are indeed a celebrity favorite, and we can see why: they look effortlessly elegant and work for all hair types. It goes without saying that we love this hairdo as well! Tousled waves are appropriate for almost every event and season, whether you’ve just spent the day at the beach or maybe it’s the dead of winter. They’re also quite versatile, whether you have short or long hair. Furthermore, mastering this hairstyle does not need perfection. In fact, having those waves a touch sloppy and undone is essential. So, if you like mermaid curls even more than we do and are eager to learn how to get them in a few simple steps:

Steps To Mermaid Waves

There are several mermaid hair tutorials for beachy wave curls online but following steps will help you in great way to create mermaid curls:

  1. Hair Prep

Work a golf ball-sized quantity of Wella Deluxe Dream Waves and many Curls Mousse into wet hair, emphasizing mid-lengths for ends, to get the most long-lasting mermaid hair effect. Smooth and untangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb prior to actually blow drying straight.

  1. Section, Coil, And Set Your Hair

Make a middle part in your head region and curl your hair with only a 1/2-inch curling iron to curl. Mong recommends curling downwards to get the mermaid wave appearance! When you’re finished, spritz your hair using hairspray to finish the appearance. To protect your locks from becoming crunchy, try not to spray too much!

  1. Brush And Style Your Hair

Brushing out your curls post styling is a solid rule of thumb to get a more natural-looking wave. Andrea’s waves appear looser than the typical mermaid wave. Therefore, feel free to omit the brush if you like a tighter curl. Finish by styling your hair as required, such as refining your hairline or even tucking certain portions behind your ear.

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  1. Using A Waver

Sorry for not mentioning it sooner, but there is a kind of iron called a waver that is specifically designed for generating this sort of texture on the hair. It’s also known as a three-barrel hair straightener since it’s a product that combines three large curling irons. Instead of winding your locks across the barrel, you clip them inside and push, quickly sculpting waves into your strands. Use the same methods as before to get a mermaid wave appearance, but substitute the curling iron with only a waver.