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    Hi! My name is Renee and I love to laugh. I love Jesus, and adventures, and randomness, and rhyming, and sunshine. I really enjoy sunshine. I also love people, which really makes photography such a wonderful gift! I love to capture you being you, and telling your story through beautiful images. And you can bet we're going to have fun doing it!

    I'm based in Eugene, Oregon, but travel a lot and look forward to taking you with me everywhere I go - AND going everywhere you take me!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog! I look forward to getting to know you. I look forward to sharing important moments with you. And I consider it an honor to do so.

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wedding :: alyssa + ryan [jasper house farm, oregon]

You know what I love? When people do things on their day that are just really them. Because you know what? It’s not anyone else’s wedding.

Ryan and Alyssa started out the day by meeting at Starbucks for a relaxing, special moment before the crazy began. I got to come at the end as their personal paparazzi (I’m pretty sure some of the customers were really offended that I was just taking pictures of their private moment without talking to them), and I’m so glad I did. I love when people build little moments into their day that inevitably goes way too fast.

Everything was lovely. Most every detail was done by Alyssa or Ryan or some member of their family and friends. The weather was perfect. The wedding party was a blast and a half. The ceremony was touching. And once again I was reminded why I love my job. I’m a big fan of people and I think marriage is the best. So, getting to be a part of great people starting a pretty super part of their lives with a spectacular day of celebration is just my cup of tea. Thank you, Ryan and Alyssa for trusting me with such an important role on your day! I’m excited for all of the adventures ahead for you two!


I wasn’t joking when I said most everything was done by family and friends, but here are their amazing vendors! And a special thank you to my sister in law Sharaya for shooting with me!

Alyssa’s Dress :: Moonlight from Exclusively Bridal
Guy’s Attire :: Men’s Wearhouse
Bridesmaids Dresses :: Lulu
Flowers // Boutonnieres :: Alyssa’s Grandma’s garden & Eugene Flower Wholesale :: Arranged by Paula Charboneau
Alyssa’s Bouquet :: Don Chase, Owner of Jasper House Farm
Cake & Cupcakes :: Kimberly Bloom
Venue :: Jasper House Farm
Hair :: Ivy Barr
Food :: Lisa Apo
Alyssa’s Ring :: He got it at Jared’s!:)
Video :: Be Still Cinema :: and you can see their video here!

engaged :: kevin + aymara [berkeley, california]

It’s not every day you get to fly to the Bay just for the day. But it’s also not every day that you get to work with a couple like this. Kevin and Aymara live in Houston, but are getting married in California. We met up the day after Thanksgiving and spent the day wandering around Berkeley. It was a blast. Aymara rocked her super cute shoes, even though we were making her hike all over. It’s ok. She runs marathons. Kevin went without food for a VERY long time without ever complaining. So many sacrifices. But oh, so worth it.

In case you are wondering, the laughing is real. I’m THAT funny. [Just kidding. Though I really think I am.] Doesn’t Aymara just have the best laughing face ever? She just exudes joy. Can’t wait to celebrate their wedding this September.

Oh. One more thing. The hats and sweaters at the end are from their trip to Peru. Where Kevin proposed. On top of Machu Picchu. I told you they are the coolest!  


destination wedding :: nell + brian pt. 2 [tamarindo, costa rica]

This day. This week. So full.  Of life, laughter [SO much laughter], dancing, sunshine, relaxing, talking, joking, remembering, exploring…being. Full of family, and friends who may as well be. You know, you can tell a lot about people by the ones they surround themselves with, and spending a week with Nell and Brian and their “village” simply reinforced how great I already knew they were.

Their wedding day was magical. Brian and some of the crew were up in the wee hours for a scuba diving trip [who doesn't want to start any day, let alone their wedding day that way?!]. Meanwhile, the girls set the tone for the day with a special Yoga session that gave them time to relax and remember people they love dearly who were unable to be there. And the whole day was like that. The whole trip, really. So intentional. Every detail was thought out and personal touches were everywhere. How you do that when you are planning a wedding out of the country, I’ll never know, but Nell did it!

Ok. Enough out of me. I already probably put up waaaaaaay too many photos, but I couldn’t help it! I blame Brian and Nell for being such models and making this such an incredibly memorable day.  :)

nb1nb2nb3nb4nb5nb6nb7nb8nb9nb10nb11nb12nb13nb14nb15nb16nb17nb18nb19nb20nb21nb22nb23nb24nb25nb26nb27nb28nb29nb30nb31nb32nb33nb35nb36nb37nb38nb39nb40nb41nb42nb43nb44nb45nb46nb47nb48nb49nb50nb51nb52nb53nb54nb55nb56nb57nb58nb59nb60nb61nb62fbnb63nb64nb65nb66nb67nb68nb69nb70nb71nb72nb73nb74nb75nb76nb77nb78nb79nb80nb81nb82nb83nb84nb85nb86nb87nb88nb89nb90nb91nb92nb93nb94nb95nb96nb97nb97anb98nb99nb100nb101nb102nb103nb104nb105nb106nb107nb108nb109nb110nb111nb112nb113nb114nb115nb116nb118nb119nb120nb121nb122nb123nb124nb125nb126nb127nb128nb129nb130nb131nb132nb133nb134nb135nb136nb137nb138nb139nb140nb141nb142nb143nb144nb145nb146nb147nb148nb149nb150nb151nb152nb153Brian and Nell chose to have their first look at the altar, so we ran around town early the morning Cassy and I left. And it was a blast and a half. They are lucky we were leaving or we would have just shot them all day!

Thank you SO MUCH, Brian and Nell! Cassy and I (and Promise) were so grateful to be a part of such a special beginning to your journey as husband and wife!

And just so you believe me when I say I was very pregnant…the amazing Cassy Berry took this photo. Cassy, thank you for coming with me and shooting with me and helping a prego lady out! Love you!!!


A special thank you to all of the amazing vendors, too!

Planning & Design :: Meghan Cox, Our Costa Rica Wedding
Video :: El Velo
Venue :: Langosta Beach Club
Stylist :: Laura Ulloa
Flowers & Decor :: ArtFlower
Rentals :: Costa Mesa
Music :: Joshua Wilson, Deepsound Costa Rica
Cake & Pastries :: Victoria Zoch
Wedding Dress :: Allure
Shoes :: Kate Spade

destination wedding :: nell + brian pt. 1 [tamarindo, costa rica]

It’s 2015!!! Whoa.

2014 was certainly one for the record books in my personal life. Finished cooking a baby, moved states, had said baby, kept said baby alive, moved into our house, traveled a lot and did my best to enjoy every little moment with our little Promise. As far as photog goes, you wouldn’t know it (because I’m the worst blogger in the blogger-verse), but it’s been an exciting and busy (for all of the personal-life stuff) year, as well! I got to fly my VERY pregnant self down to Costa Rica and shoot a week full of the best group of friends and downright awesome-sauce people you could ask for!

Brian + Nell’s wedding was incredible. From all of the perfect details to the meaningful personal touches, it was unforgettable. But I’m getting ahead of myself. You’ll get to see what I mean about the wedding very soon…but for now I wanted to show you a little bit of the fun that was had. Cassy and I got to tag along for a gorgeous Catamaran Cruise – complete with delicious food (best guacamole I’ve ever had…and that’s saying something), lots of dancing (don’t even ask about the horse), sun bathing, snorkeling and scuba diving. But that’s not all. We also got to see whales, dolphins (that swam with the boat forever!), sea snakes (not as cute), Costa Rica from the ocean and a gorgeous sunset. And since it’s cold and gray here, what better time to re-live this sunny memory?!


January 6, 2015 - 11:30 am

Meghan - Beautiful shots! Lovely day & lovely group! So fun :)

engaged :: alyssa + ryan [eugene, oregon]

Happy wedding day, Ryan & Alyssa!

Thought it would be appropriate for me to finally share this couple’s engagement photos since today is the big day! I’m excited to capture their day and celebrate with them on the best day of their lives so far! These two were a blast to work with <<even in the crazy heat>> and clearly kinda like each other. Makes my job so fun and easy when interactions are real and smiles are genuine.

All the best to you two as you start out this next leg of your journey together! Today is going to be a GREAT day!