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Monthly Archives: June 2012

engaged :: alison + mike

where do i begin?   hilarious, a blast, totally laid back, fun, incredibly funny – can you tell we had a goodView full post »

a trip to oregon!

as most of you probably already know, my husband and i moved to dublin, california (in the east bay) recently.  howeverView full post »

trash the dress :: kyle + lizzy

oh man.  i love me some kyle + lizzy.  they are so darn fun, crazy in love, and super-duper easy to shoot!  they areView full post »

all boy :: ihf photo contest

when i think “all boy” i think of my nephew lincoln.  from chasing seagulls to “bamming” aView full post »

family :: thomas + kelsey + brenton

i love nashville for so many reasons.  one reason (the biggest, really) is that it is the home of my sister (melissaView full post »